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Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic

Our View of the European Response to the Pandemic

This subject will exceptionally be the focus of EU Watch until the end of the pandemic. The health and safety sectors are not an exclusive competence of the EU, which can only coordinate and complement national policies. The EU must set a high standard of health and adopt measures to combat pandemics but cannot harmonize member states’ legislations.

In a time of uncertainty, the EU has taken action to vaccinate its citizens. The COVAX strategy was welcomed yet criticized for its lack of transparency. It is therefore EU Watch’s wish to:

–        analyze prerogatives of MS and the EU’s limited powers

–        investigate EU’s response to the pandemic through coordination

–        promote transparency of contracts with providers

–        inform on the possible powers of the EU and new remodel of the system

–        encourage debate between stakeholders on the possible changes with hindsight of the past waves


How can the EU fight major health scourges better? Why has the EU been so slow in getting the population vaccinated? Should it be given more powers to determine vaccination policies? Can the EU harmonize the closing of borders? How can we be better prepared? Should contracts with providers of vaccines be public?

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