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Rule of Law & Fundamental Rights

The debate



Rule of law is mentioned in the EU Treaty as one of the key principles on which the Union is based. It is regarded as a prerequisite for the protection of all the other fundamental values of the Union, including for basic rights and democracy. At the core of the rule of law is effective judicial protection, which requires the independence, quality and efficiency of national justice systems. 

When a member state infringes the rule of law order of the EU, it breaches the founding treaties of the Union and puts in peril the fundamental rights of its population guaranteed in the EU Treaties.

EU Watch intends to

  • Analyse the competencies and mechanisms at the disposal of the EU institutions in the field of rule of law and their application vis-à-vis member states, third countries and non-governmental actors 
  • Promote transparency of EU decision-making
  • Organise briefings and debates with other NGOs and stakeholders
  • Discuss whether or not the EU can and should impose sanctions on member states that infringe the rule of law

To what extent does the EU itself protect fundamental rights, e.g. with regards to the treatment of migrants? Is the attitude of Brussels towards its member states fair and balanced?

EU Watch will try to shine a light.

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