What we focus on

Established in 2020, EU Watch is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization (AISBL) headquartered in Brussels. EU Watch aims to scrutinize if and how the values of the European Union are applied in practice.

How? Not by lobbying or advocating particular policies, but by promoting understanding and debate about the values at stake in any given issue.

EU Watch holds one-to-one meetings with senior EU officials, conducts in-depth interviews with leading EU officials that are published on its website, and organizes event such as expert seminars, webinars, and policy conferences to which EU Watch supporters are invited as well.

In addition, EU Watch publishes regular news updates through its newsletter and maintains an active presence on social media, notably Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Our main areas of activity

These issues are fundamental to the future direction of the EU.

They will affect how much support the EU can attract and therefore how much weight it will have in world affairs.

Deviations from, or even violations of, the EU’s fundamental principles, laws and regulations must be prevented.

EU Watch is an independent a critical an international organisation